Monday, July 22, 2013


I am changing the baby's diaper. Lucy is standing on a stool beside me, watching intently.

LUCY: Baby Will is a boy, and I am a girl. Right, Mommy?

ME: That’s right. What about Daddy? Is he a boy or a girl?

LUCY: Daddy’s a boy.

ME: Yes. What about Mommy? Am I a boy or a girl?

LUCY: You’re a girl!

ME: Right again! So, do you know what the difference is between boys and girls?

LUCY: I don’t know...

ME: Well, boys have penises, and girls have vaginas.

LUCY: I have a VAGINA!

ME: Yes, you do.

LUCY: And Baby Will has PEANUTS!

ME: Just don’t tell that to him…

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