Friday, August 23, 2013

An Interview with Lucy, Age 3

Lucy received her first homework assignment at preschool today, an “About Me” questionnaire. Taking inspiration from it, I compiled twenty or so additional questions so I could conduct a more in-depth interview with her. My thinking (clearly influenced by Pinterest) was that I'd ask her the same list of questions every year during the first week of school and record her answers for posterity. As you can see below, the interview didn’t go exactly as planned. But, really, does anything when Lucy is involved?

ME: What is your name?

LUCY: Lucy.

ME: How old are you?

LUCY: Three.

ME: What is your favorite color?

LUCY: Purple. No, Mommy. Let’s talk about my favorite foods first.

ME: Okay, what’s your favorite food?

LUCY: Ummmmm. Um um um um. Pizza. Remember, we’re having pizza today.

ME: I won't forget. What kind of pizza is your favorite?

LUCY: Cheese. I like watermelon too.

ME: Watermelon pizza?

LUCY (laughing): No, Mommy! That’s so silly!

ME: Cheese it is then. So, back to the questions. What’s your favorite toy?

LUCY: A rabbit.

ME: Really? What rabbit?

LUCY: The one that sings the hop song.

ME: Oh, the toy Easter bunny.

LUCY: Yeah, that’s the one!

ME: What’s your favorite TV show?

LUCY: Paw Patrol.

ME: What’s your favorite outfit?

LUCY: The snail shirt.

ME: Just the shirt?

LUCY: The shirt and the skirt at the same time, Mommy. I wear my pretty rainbow sandals with it too.

ME: Where do you live?

LUCY (sing-song): Florida.

ME: What are your favorite animals?

LUCY: Kangaroo and bunny rabbit.

ME: Are you really into rabbits today?

LUCY: Yeah.

ME: Clearly. So, what does Mommy do for work?

LUCY: You work on the computer.

ME: What does Daddy do for work?

LUCY: He works on the computer too.

ME: What is your favorite book?

LUCY: The Disney book.

ME: What’s your favorite thing to do outside?

LUCY: Ummmmm. Um um um um. Play on the slide.

ME: Who’s your favorite friend?

LUCY: Janie.

ME: Who’s your favorite person?

LUCY: Daddy.

ME: Daddy?

LUCY: Yes. Daddy.

ME: What do you want to be when you grow up?

LUCY: Firefighter.

ME: What do you want to be for Halloween?

LUCY: A ladybug. What about a strawberry?

ME: Last year you were the saddest strawberry ever. Is that going to change?

LUCY: I will be a happy strawberry! I will smile big and say cheese!

ME: Well, we’ll see about that. What’s your favorite holiday?

LUCY: Christmas.

ME: Why?

LUCY: Because it is.

ME: Of course that’s why. If you could have any kind of party, what kind of party would you want?

LUCY: A hamster party.

ME: What’s a hamster party?

LUCY: You get hamster costumes.

ME: And then what?

LUCY: You play bubbles all around the place.

ME: Is that a hamster game?

LUCY: Yes. Then you are really, really quiet. Then you eat the cake.

ME: What makes it a hamster party? Are hamsters invited too?

LUCY: There are pretend hamsters. That’s why we have costumes.

ME: Silly me. Anything else happen at a hamster party?

LUCY: You dress up in costumes and row, row, row. Then you sing the “Row Your Boat” song.

ME: What’s your favorite song?

LUCY (singing): Row, row, row the berry across the giant bowl
Merry, Merry, Merry, Let’s get to the troll.

ME: Did you hear that on Dora?

LUCY: Yes.

ME: I thought so. What’s your favorite game?

LUCY: Soccer is my favorite game. No, it’s playing tag.

ME: What do you bring to bed with you?

LUCY: Puppy and Llama.

ME: What about Bun Bun?

LUCY: Oh yeah, that too.

ME: What’s your favorite thing to do with Mommy?

LUCY: Color and paint.

ME: What’s your favorite thing to do with Daddy?

LUCY: Help him feed the dogs.

ME: What’s your favorite sweet treat?

LUCY: Lollipop. Can you say “lollipop?”

ME: Yes.

LUCY: Say “Lolly.”

ME: Lolly.

LUCY: Say “Pop.”

ME: Pop.

LUCY: Good job, Mommy!

ME: Thanks. So what’s your favorite movie?

LUCY: Nemo the clownfish.

ME: If you could go anywhere, where would you like to go?

LUCY: My Gym.

ME: Really? That’s your favorite place?

LUCY: No, Babies ‘R Us is.

ME: That's more like it. What makes you happy?

LUCY: An apple. George has an apple.

ME: Curious George?

LUCY: Yes.

ME: And that makes you happy?

LUCY: Uh huh.

ME: What makes you sad?

LUCY (quietly): Not anything.

ME: Are you sad right now?

LUCY: Yeah.

ME: Why?

LUCY: Because I really love to eat.

ME: Do you need a snack?

LUCY: Yes, that would make me happy.

(Brief interlude while Lucy eats some blueberry yogurt)

ME: What scares you?

LUCY: A bear.

ME: What’s your favorite sport?

LUCY: Soccer.
ME: Is Daddy paying you to say that?

ME: What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

LUCY: Chocolate.

ME: Did I miss any questions?

LUCY: Yes.

ME: What would you like me to ask you?

LUCY: I don’t know.

ME: Okay, I’ve got one. What makes you feel proud of yourself?

LUCY: A chocolate bar. Can I have one now?
Sad Strawberry, 2012
Can’t wait to interview her again next year!