Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Pooping Tomato

Lucy runs out of the bathroom, after successfully going “number two” on the potty.

ME: Yay! Lucy, I’m so proud of you! You’re a super pooper!

LUCY: No, I’m not! I’m a pooping tomato!

ME: A pooping what?


ME: And what exactly is a pooping tomato?

LUCY: It’s round like a circle. And red. And then it has a pointy thing on it. (Gesturing to the top of her head) Like a finger.

ME: On its head?

LUCY: Yes.

ME: Maybe like a green stem?

LUCY: It’s actually more pointy.

ME: Like a hat?

LUCY: Yes.

ME: And it poops.

LUCY: Yes.

ME: And you’re the pooping tomato?

LUCY: No. You are!

ME: I am?

LUCY: Yes.

ME: Why?

LUCY: You have a pointy head. And you are red like a tomato. And you are round like a ball.

ME: Nice.

LUCY: A lot of things are round, Mommy. Noses are round. Like this (pantomimes a circle). Noses are right behind our eyes. See them? (Points to her nose) Right here.

ME: I’m not sure that our noses are behind our eyes.

LUCY: Yes, they are.  Our noses are just in the middle of our eyes. See? (Points to nose again)

ME: Sure.

LUCY: Remember, the pooping tomato doesn’t have a nose. It doesn’t have legs. It doesn’t have anything.

ME: So it can’t smell a stinky poo or run away from it?

LUCY (laughing at me): Mommy, you’re so silly.

ME: Yes, I’m definitely the silly one here.

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