Sunday, September 1, 2013

Oh, Daddy

My husband is a wonderful father. When he comes home from work each night, he takes over childcare duties from me (mostly so I can take a break from all of the toddler-related whining and baby puke for a few mood-restoring moments). He tickles Will’s neck until the baby peels with laughter. He’s always game for one of Lucy’s play time adventures, allowing her to dress him as a princess or to be the patient to her very pokey doctor. Believe me when I tell you that we ALL look forward to hearing Daddy's key in the front door.

But my husband really excels at Lucy’s bath time. It really is their bonding time and has been since she was a baby. He lets her splash with her toys, he uses funny voices to coax her into behaving, and he sings enthusiastically too. In fact, he sings one very specific song to her each night – one that I’ve been banned from videotaping. It’s about washing her lady business, to the tune to Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical.” One day, Lucy will be singing this song to her therapist, I’m sure. It goes something like this:

     Clean your girly parts

     Girly parts

     You’ve gotta clean your girly parts

     Let’s clean your girly parts

     Put the soap on the washcloth now

     On the washcloth now

     Put the soap on the washcloth now

(And repeat until clean!)

Here’s a brief video of Lucy singing it (at dinnertime, fully clothed). You'll never hear my husband singing it, so this is the closest I could get. I'm told bath time is private...

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  1. She really knows that song:) Cleaning your "girly parts" is so important as time goes on:)