Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Someday My Prince Will Come (Home from Work)

ME: Lucy, what are you doing?

LUCY: I’m packing a bag.

ME: Where are you going?

LUCY: To the ball. I’m a princess.

ME: Of course you are. What else did you pack?

LUCY: My stuff…like everything I need for the ball. Like gloves and necklaces.

ME: Good to be prepared, right?

LUCY: Yes. I’m packing my lipstick. Princesses always wear lipstick.

ME: They do?

LUCY: Yes. Because Cinderella wears lipstick. And I’m Cinderella.

ME: You are?

LUCY: Yes, and you are Ariel.

ME: I am? What makes me Ariel?

LUCY: Ariel wears a little tail.

ME: But I don’t have a tail.

LUCY: But you’re pretending to have a tail. Don’t you know that, silly goose? You’re pretend Ariel.

ME: Got it. I’m Ariel.

LUCY: And we’re best friends.

ME: Best friends, right. So, if you are Cinderella, do you have glass slippers?

LUCY: Yes, I have them on. I will wear them to the ball. And, I’m wearing my necklace and my little dress. And my crown. Do I look beautiful?

ME: Yes. You always look beautiful.

LUCY: I’m going to bring my camera too. I’m going to take loads of pictures ‘cause the ball is pretty.

ME: Of course, you’d want pictures of your big night out. So where’s your prince?

LUCY: At work.

ME: Is he? What’s his name?

LUCY: George. No, I mean Daddy. Daddy the prince.

ME: George really is a prince, you know. He’s a baby prince. In England.

LUCY: A baby can’t take me to the ball, silly. I need Daddy to be my prince. So he can drive me there. Is he coming home now?

ME: He’s on his way.

LUCY: Good, ‘cause my glass slipper is gone, and I need the prince to find it.

ME: What happens when Daddy finds it?

LUCY: He puts it back on me, because I’m Cinderella. Then we go to the ball.

ME: What do you do at the ball?

LUCY: Dance and play, of course.

ME: Of course. What about your fairy Godmother?

LUCY: I don’t have one of those.

ME: Why not?

LUCY: Because there are none in Florida State. Fairies live in Cinderella’s story. Not in our house.

ME: How silly of me. So no pumpkin turning into a coach? No dogs as coachmen?

LUCY: No. And no mouses turn into horses. Just princes. And shoes.

ME: A fairy tale, indeed.

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