Sunday, December 22, 2013

Because Not Everything Is About the Holidays

So, this is what I overheard during Lucy's bath time tonight:

DADDY (adjusting the bath water): Do you want to hear a funny story about Mommy?

LUCY (getting into the tub): Yes!

DADDY: When Mommy was a little girl, she thought the bath water should come up to her “nibbles”! Hahahaha!

LUCY (confused): But what are nibbles?

DADDY (hesitantly): Ummm, I guess they are nipples…

LUCY: Nipples??? Like on her boobies?? Hahahaha! Are you talking about BOOBIES?!

DADDY (totally uncomfortable and backtracking): Well, it was just a funny story. About Mommy in the bath. When she was your age. Not about that other stuff.

DADDY: So, let's talk about something else now...

Who’s laughing now, Daddy?

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