Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Finding My Resolve

I can’t believe we’re already at the end of 2013. For our family, this year was chock full of life-changers – most notably, Will’s birth in May. In time with his arrival, I decided to quit my job to become a Stay-At-Home Mom and erstwhile blogger. Not to be left out, my husband also found a new job…and started grad school too. And, Lucy…well, she’s always up to something.

I’m not sure what 2014 will bring us, but I hope it keeps getting better. In the coming year, I’ll turn 40, and Lucy will turn four. We’ll commemorate Andy’s fifth angel day and Will’s first birthday. My husband and I will celebrate sixteen years of marriage.

I like patterns, and I keep seeing “fours” repeated in all of our 2014 milestones. (Okay, I know that 5-1=4 and 16/4=4 are stretches…but still!) We already have established that I’m crazy, but do these fours actually mean something? Only time will tell, I suppose. But, it does make me feel like 2014 will be special somehow.

At the very least, it makes me want to resolve to face the year as a better me.  

The last time I made a New Year’s Resolution was in 2012. I had spent the previous year losing a ton of weight, and I resolved to run a 5K by December. Instead, I got knocked up and gained all of the weight back. Clearly, I don’t have a great track record with resolutions.

But, never one to give up, I am going to try again. So, here are my four (of course) resolutions to ring in 2014:

1.       To be more present. I plan to put down the iPad (or whatever gadget), turn off the TV, and play more with my kids. I want to be part of their childhood memories, not just the one holding the camera.

2.       To embrace my body as it is and to commit to making it stronger. I need to get in better shape for me and for my kids – without any confidence-destroying “fat” talk or becoming a slave to the scale. Lucy should learn, from me, to be happy in the skin she’s in.

3.       To make less excuses. It’s time to live my life, not hide from it. By saying I’m “too busy,” I’m really just excusing myself from going outside of my comfort zone or from having new experiences.

4.       To say no. This year, I have to let go of the guilt – that I’m not “doing enough” or “being enough.” My job is to raise happy, healthy kids, which I can’t do when I’m stressed out and overly-committed. I’m setting priorities, people!

Perhaps, if I actually make these stick, 2014 will be just as special as I hope. At any rate, it should be interesting - and I'll make sure to let you know how it goes on this blog.
So, let the countdown to 2014 begin...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. Excellent goals- they will all add to your mental, physical, and spiritual health.