Tuesday, February 18, 2014

120 Questions

So this is an all-too-real record of the rapid-fire questions that Lucy asked me between 6:55 AM and 8:45 AM yesterday morning. And, yes, she literally asked more questions than there were minutes. My head hurts remembering it.

1.             Mommy, where are you?

2.             Why are you in your room?

3.             Is it light outside?

4.             Does that mean it’s morning?

5.             What does the clock say?

6.             Then why are you still in your bed?

7.             Where’s Daddy?

8.             Why is he at work?

9.             Are you going to get up now?

10.         Mommy, where are you going?

11.         Why are you in the bathroom?

12.         Why is the door shut?

13.         Are you going pee-pee?

14.         Can I come in too?

15.         Did you wipe your vagina?

16.         Can I flush for you?

17.         Mommy, can you help me get on the toilet when it calms down?

18.         Did you hear the tinkle?

19.         Will you wipe my vagina?

20.         Why do I have to wear panties?

21.         Where’s my Bun-Bun?

22.         Why do I have to be quiet?

23.         Why isn’t Will awake yet?

24.         Then why is he crying now?

25.         What is loud?

26.         Mommy, will you fix my breakfast now?

27.         Why do I have to wait while you get Will?

28.         Why does he need his diaper changed?

29.         Can I see?

30.         Did he pee-pee in it?

31.         Why didn’t he use the potty like me?

32.         Is that his peanut?

33.         Why do I have to go to the kitchen?

34.         Why does Will drink a bottle?

35.         Why can’t he eat cereal?

36.         But, I can have “Life” cereal for breakfast because I’m a big girl, right?

37.         Mommy, who makes “Life” cereal?

38.         How did we get it?

39.         What else did we get at the store?

40.         Can I have milk on my cereal?

41.         Where did the milk come from?

42.         How did it get out of the cow?

43.         Remember when I squeezed a cow at the farm and the milk went in a bucket?

44.         Remember when the cow peed all over?

45.         Why did it pee?

46.         Why did it drink a lot of water?

47.         Where’s my water cup?

48.         Can I have fresh water?

49.         Can I drink some apple juice too?

50.         Can I have some fruit snacks?

51.         Why can’t I have fruit snacks?

52.         Why can I have a gummy, but not fruit snacks?

53.         What’s a vitamin?

54.         Why do I have to have vitamins?

55.         Do pancakes have vitamins?

56.         Can I have some pancakes too?

57.         Then can I have new cereal with no milk?

58.         Why is breakfast over?

59.         Mommy, why did you say, “Enough’s enough”?

60.         Is Will done with his bottle?

61.         Why did you put him in his high chair?

62.         Why does he get that toy?

63.         Where are my toys?

64.         Where’s my Bun-Bun?

65.         What are you doing with your computer?

66.         What’s a blog?

67.         Where are you going now?

68.         Why did you take off your pants?

69.         Are you going to put on this bra?

70.         Why can’t I touch it?

71.         Why are you in the bathroom again?

72.         Can I come in with you?

73.         Are you washing your face?

74.         Why do I need to wash my face too?

75.         What’s on your face?

76.         Are you putting on make-up?

77.         Can I help?

78.         Can I put make-up on my face too?

79.         What do you mean it’s inappropriate?

80.         Where are we going today?

81.         Why do I have to go to school?

82.         Why can’t I wear my jammies?

83.         Can I wear my pink dress to school?

84.         Why do I have to wear pants?

85.         What is gymnastics class?

86.         Do you mean tumbling?

87.         Can you help me find my purple shirt with the owl on it?

88.         Why do I have to wear socks and sneakers?

89.         Why can’t I wear my silver sandals?

90.         Can I go outside to check the weather?

91.         Is it chilly?

92.         Is it hot?

93.         Can I go outside to play?

94.         Can I watch “Paw Patrol”?

95.         Why do I have to brush my teeth right now?

96.         Can you help me get all of the sugar-bugs out?

97.         Why are you brushing my hair?

98.         What’s a ragamuffin?

99.         Where is my water cup?

100.      Where is my Bun-Bun?

101.      Where is my teddy?

102.      Where is Elsa?

103.      And Anna?

104.      And Sven?

105.      Why can’t I take all of those toys with me to school?

106.      Mommy, why are you in Will’s room?

107.      Why does he need his diaper changed again?

108.      Can I help?

109.      Is that POOP?

110.      Does he have to wear new clothes too?

111.      Does he need his paci?

112.      Where’s his Bun-Bun?

113.      Why are we leaving now?

114.      Is Will coming to school with me?

115.      Mommy, can we sing “Frozen” in the car?

116.      Will you be Elsa, and I’ll be Anna?

117.      Can I climb over Will’s car seat?

118.      Why do I have to sit here?

119.      Are you going to drive?

120.      What do you mean I’m already driving you crazy?

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