Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Different Kind of Peanut

LUCY: Mommy, why am I a girl?

ME: Well, because you have a vagina.

LUCY: And why is Will a boy?

ME: Because he has a penis.

LUCY: You mean “peanut.”

ME: I mean “penis.”

LUCY: But you really mean “peanut.”

ME: Fine. It’s a peanut.

LUCY: And you have a vagina, so you’re a girl, right?

ME: Right.

LUCY:  And Daddy has a peanut, so he’s a boy.

ME: Yes.

LUCY: Does Daddy really have a peanut?

ME: Ummm…what’s bigger than a peanut?

LUCY: A vagina.

ME: Well, Daddy doesn’t have one of those.

LUCY: But, do princesses have vaginas?

ME: Yes.

LUCY: If I give Daddy this crown, that will make him a princess. Like me.

ME: No, maybe he’d be a prince.

LUCY: Because he has a peanut?

ME: Yes.

LUCY: So all princes have peanuts?

ME: Generally speaking, yes.

LUCY: Elephants like peanuts, you know. But those are eating peanuts. They are different.

ME: You’re right. That’s a different kind of peanut entirely.

LUCY: I like peanuts too.

ME: You do?

LUCY: The M&M kind.

ME: And that’s the only kind you will like for a really long time, I hope.

LUCY: Me too.

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  1. This reminds me of a time we had a discussion about the Tooth Fairy.