Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Real Story of Valentine’s Day

So, Lucy has been making Valentine-themed crafts at school. Yesterday, she came home with a doozy. Here’s the conversation we had about it:

ME (examining her artwork): Look at what you made for Valentine’s Day!

LUCY: Yes, I did it myself!

ME: I can see that! What exactly is it?

LUCY: It’s a heart-person, silly. (Snatches it from me and points as she explains.) See? It’s got eyes and legs and a purple mouth and a little, tiny nose.

ME: Did you cut out the heart shape?

LUCY: Of course. And, I glued on the eyes too. They are goo-goo-googly!

ME: Nice work. Did you glue on the legs?

LUCY: Yes, I gave it four octopus legs.

ME: Four OCTOPUS legs?

LUCY: Yes.

ME: Not eight?

LUCY: No. Just four. See one, two, three, four.

ME: I see. But why not give it some arms instead? How can it hug you?

LUCY: He can’t hug you, silly, but he can give you a kiss. (Pushes the craft in my face). Muah!

ME: Thanks for the kiss, Heart-person. Did I hear you say it was actually a “he”?

LUCY: Yes. He’s a boy heart-person. Not a girl.

ME: Are there girl heart-people too?

LUCY: Of course. They live in the girl ocean.

ME: Of course they do.

LUCY: He can swim, swim, swim to them with his octopus legs.

ME: So that’s why he needed all of those legs? To find the girls.

LUCY: Yes. Then they swim to the boats.

ME: What happens on the boats?

LUCY: Nothing else.

ME: So that’s the end of it?

LUCY: Maybe there is a pony too.

ME: Maybe. So do you know what really happens on Valentine’s Day?

LUCY: You get cards. And candy!

ME: What about kisses?

LUCY: Yes. Those too.

ME: Can I have a kiss now?

LUCY: Yes, but from him. (And, she shoves her art into my face once more.)

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  1. This kid's mind is exceptional - she is always thinking!!!
    We have the greatest conversations!