Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Couldn’t Make This Up If I Tried

This afternoon, Lucy and I had the following conversation:

LUCY: Mommy, look outside! I see a Cocktopus in the sea!

 ME: A what?

 LUCY: A Cocktopus. I made that up.

 ME (trying not to laugh): I see. What is it?

 LUCY: It's like an octopus, but different.

 ME: Clearly.


Just now, she presented me with a picture of the Cocktopus:

LUCY: Look! It’s a Cocktopus! Remember, I showed it to you before? I drew it so Daddy could see one too!

ME (stifling a guffaw): You drew a Cocktopus for Daddy?

LUCY: Yes. Here it is.

ME: Are those its legs?

LUCY: Yes. It has lots and lots and lots of legs.

ME: Does it have brown hair too?

LUCY: Yes. It’s got lots of brown hair, just like Daddy! I PLANNED it that way.

ME: You did?
LUCY: Yes.
ME: He is going to LOVE this.

LUCY: I know!

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