Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just Joking

ME: Lucy, I haven’t posted on the blog in a long time. So do something funny, will ya?

LUCY: Ohhhh, Mommy! I can tell a joke! A knock-knock joke! Will you put that on the blog?

ME: Sure. Give me your best one.

LUCY: Okay! Knock, knock.

ME: Who’s there?

LUCY: Peach.

ME: Peach who?

LUCY: Peach orange. That’s a made-up one. Put it on the blog!

ME: Okay, but…do we need to go over how to tell a knock-knock joke again, kid?

LUCY: No. I got one. Knock, knock.

ME: Who’s there?

LUCY: Pear.

Me: Pear who?

LUCY: Pear banana orange. Hahahaha!

ME: Is that another original joke?

LUCY: Yes! Isn’t it funny?

ME: Well…do you have any more jokes to tell me? Ones that I might think are funny too?

LUCY: Of course. Knock, knock.

ME: Who’s there?

LUCY: Chocolate milk.

ME: Chocolate milk who?

LUCY: Chocolate milk apple juice boo hoo. Is that SO funny? HAHAHAHA!

ME: Ummm…well, it’s words, baby, but not really a joke. Want me to tell you a joke so you can see what I mean?

LUCY: NO. I’m doing ALL the jokes. Word jokes, Mommy!

ME: Got one last joke to share?

LUCY: Yeah. Knock, knock.

ME: Who’s there?

LUCY: Lemon.

ME: Lemon who?

LUCY: Lemon boo hoo. Like when you were boo-hooing and squeezing lemons.

ME: When did I do that?

LUCY: I did it. I made it up. I’m a jokester.

ME: Don’t quit your day job.

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