Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Busy, Busy

June has been super busy for our family. I thought, since I haven’t made the time to blog, that Lucy could provide a recap of this month’s major activities for you. Bribed with a lollipop, she was more than happy to oblige - so here it is, in her words:

On Andy’s Fifth Angel Day (June 4):
“We went to Andy’s garden. We sent him balloons. They were different colors, and they all went to heaven. Lots of dragonflies came to visit – there was green, blue, and yellow! That means that Andy is saying, 'Hi, Lucy' from heaven! I blowed bubbles for Andy too. Then we went to Panera, and I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

On Our Painting Fundraiser for Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (June 7):
“Well, we went to Painting with a Twist. I helped Mommy put the bracelets [with SMA info] on the table. Mommy told me not to touch the paint, but I touched it. There was music, and I danced. I watched Mommy paint everything yellow. I was surprised that Gigi and Papa were there. I said, ‘What are you doing here?!’ I didn’t know the other people. The people said, ‘I love you, Lucy. Bye!’ Then I leaved with Daddy and Will.”

On Mommy’s job (I was responsible for planning a big June event at work):
"Mommy works on the computer. She says, ‘In a minute, Lucy.’ Mommy tells me to play with my baby brother Will. But I’d rather play with play dough.”

On Lucy’s First Dance Recital (rehearsal on June 13; show on June 14):
“I was so surprised because it was bigger than I thought. But then I realized all my friends were there. I danced and jumped. I find my color on the big stage – it was green and yellow – that’s where I standed. I weared a costume that was black and white with spots, but I liked the ‘Baby Face’ girls costume better. Because it had more dots. I’m in ‘Jeepers Creepers.’ Next time, I want to be a big girl in the pink sparkly costume, ‘cause they danced with boys. And I want to sparkle.”

On Father’s Day (June 15):
“Well, we bought him two presents for Father's Day…then three…then four…then five. We got him a shirt that said 'Team Daddy' on it. I am on that team, you know. I wrote my name on cards and spelled L-O-V-E. I made Daddy a keychain for his keys and a tie with colors. We went to Gigi’s house, ate lunch, and fell asleep. Then we danced. And over.”

On Her First Time at Ice Princess Dance Camp (June 16-20):
“I wore my dance clothes and ballet shoes. Mommy put my hair in a ballet bun, because that's how you wear it. Dance camp was about ‘Frozen.’ I like Elsa because she makes the ice castles. I met lots of girls there, not boys. I jumped and spinned and turned and flopped. I painted and colored and made an Olaf. I said, ‘Welcome to my Frozen show! Hi, my name is Lucy, and I’m three years old.’ Then I stepped on my color and sat down. Then it was Ava’s turn. Then we danced. Then the Mommies and the Daddies and the Gigis and the Papas all clapped. For me. Then we left.”

So there’s that. Hopefully, July will be less hectic and more blog-friendly. If not, I'm counting on Lucy to remember all of the details for you!

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  1. It was busy and now Old Silver has a boo boo! But, Old Silver will get fixed and look like brand new soon!