Thursday, July 30, 2015

Catching Up for Lost Time

Okay, so it's very clear that I have done a TERRIBLE job blogging this year. As the summer ends and the school year begins (and Lucy starts kindergarten!!!!), I will make every effort to do better. But, first, let's catch up with a recap of our family's memorable moments, from March 2015 to today.

St. Patrick's Day was March 17, and this guy was In. To. It.

I turned 41 on March 28 (and celebrated by trying to recapture my childhood by playing beer pong). It didn't work.

Easter followed in the first week of April. Much candy. Many egg hunts.
Will's birthday was May 6. We celebrated his entry into the terrible twos at a local gym.

Daddy even got on the act by jumping into the foam pit.

Mother's Day brought many home-made gifts, lots of love, a little crying (mostly Will, some me), and a breakfast that I didn't have to cook. I'd call it a "win."

Lucy graduated from pre-school on June 3...

...and she stole the show at her second dance recital the following week.

We remembered Andy on his angel day, June 4.

I missed Father's Day because I was at a national SMA conference. Whoops. There are pictures somewhere, I promise!

July found us commemorating Independence Day with fireworks and food trucks. Will accurately called them "booms."

On July 15, Lucy turned five, and she celebrated like crazy. Including another party at the gym! #youonlyturnfiveonce

And, Daddy got stuck in the pit...again. Those are his feet.

Now, you're all caught up!


  1. That foam pit looks fun! Where do I find one of those things? Sadly, my kids are a bit old now to give me the cover I need to jump about like that. Maybe in a few years when I start having grandkids...

    1. It IS fun! We found that one at a local kids' gym!

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