Thursday, July 30, 2015

Escape to Target

The other day, I took Lucy and Will to Target for some grocery shopping...and got caught in a torrential downpour on the way out of the store. After getting everyone and everything situated in the car, I was soaked to the bone and even more frustrated. With my wet hair dripping into my eyes and the sounds of two complaining kids filling my ears, I thought that the day was off to a terrible start. Then, out of nowhere, the lyrics "If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain" came to mind. I started singing the song to the kids...and we created this parody. Which, other than the rain (and the broccoli) is not taken directly from real life (yet). Anyway, we sang, and we laughed, and I began to feel much better about our day. Hope it makes you smile too.

Escape to Target

Based on “Escape (the Pina Colada Song)” by Rupert Holmes (You can here the original song here.)

I was tired because my baby had been up all night long.
Escaping from his room again, not a real thing was wrong.
I just wanted to be sleeping, all alone in my bed.
Instead I’m laying here with a toddler, getting kicked in the head.

If you like shopping Target, but not getting caught in the rain.
If your groceries are dripping, and your kids are insane.
If you wonder why you took shower, because you’re clearly a wet mess.
Then this is a normal day as a mother, and it’s not a success.

I didn’t think about my baby, when I cooked broccoli that night.
It doesn’t matter if he likes veggies, he’s got to eat just one bite.
But me and my baby, doesn’t see dinner the same way.
He had a full blown tantrum, and the floor met her tray.

Yes, I love shopping at Target, in the sun or the rain.
First stop is the Starbucks, and I can not complain.
Until the kids start screaming, and the shopping finished under duress.
Just another day as a mother, and I’m feeling the stress. 

So I waited with high hopes to start potty training that day.
I knew he pooed in an instant, when the smell wafted my way.
But where did the odor come from, ‘cause his diaper was clean.
No laughing as I found it, on the couch and in between.

So I’ll go shopping at Target, and I won’t mind the rain.
I’ll order a venti latte, but from pastries I’ll refrain.
Until I get the kids some cookies. A little bribe, I confess.
Just another day as a mother. Don’t you know that I’m blessed?

Lucy tries out her umbrella, before a trip to Target

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